Inspiration: A team of students visited Refugee Camp Moria in Lesbos, Greece where over 20,000 refugees reside. There are no electronic health records to document refugee health information such as illnesses and medications. We were inspired to create an electronic health record (EHR) tailored for providers working in refugee camps and a patient portal to allow refugees to carry their medical records everywhere they go. This system is unprecedented and valuable, especially since the documentation of communicable diseases like COVID-19 could prevent epidemics in camps and save lives. Our EHR will be implemented in Lesbos, Greece once completed.

What it does: Our electronic health record consists of two portals: provider and patient. On the provider side, health professionals will be able to document medical problems, allergies, medications, social/family history, vaccines, basic exams, and encounters with refugee patients. On the patient side, refugees will be able to create an account and have access to summaries of medical history.

What's next for Health 4 Humans: We have finished the design phase of the EHR and are in the process of coding the front and back end. We plan to have a minimal viable product (MVP) by mid-May.

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