Inspiration for our app was Pakistan’s problem in health sector and we though that an app should be built with the ability of bringing right doctors and right customers close to one another. So that’s why thought of building Heallax with the above mentioned functionality. Our app is totally serverless. We’ve used flutter and dart to build Heallax and are using firebase and firestore for user authentication e.g. login with Facebook, Google etc. and for storing user data such as name, email password etc. on the Google cloud, The very first challenge faced by our developers was that of setting the flutter environment. This issue was mainly faced by developers on windows. Flutter SDK path was not configured as per flutter doctor. Second was that of emulator, typical x86 error though I remember it vaguely, and yeah, there was another which said that qemu.config was not found, all of the poor developers using Windows ran into this error including me. So we all developers sought it out eventually. From the challenges we learned to solve the problems which are faced by fresh flutter programmers and on popular platforms there is no satisfactory answer.

In the future, we’ll work on auto diagnose and auto doctor suggestions based on the diagnosis result.

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