Today's temporary hospitals lack a healing environment for patients and does not provide enough protection for our healthcare staff. We challenge ourselves to change that. We recognize the role of structure and simplicity in times of chaos. Our healing units come with insulation, structure, waterproofing, electrical, and connectors already installed. Our prefabricated units and a layout tailored to your needs lets us assemble them rapidly, allowing you to quickly react in times of crisis. You can expand the capacity of an existing hospital or even create a new one. After the crisis is surpassed, we are making sure to adapt healing units for new functionality ensuring sustainable use of resources.

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We decided to go with cross-laminated timber panels. Key benefits:

  • Thermal performance and energy efficiency
  • Cost-effectiveness: on average costs 15 % less than certain concrete, masonry and steel building types
  • Environmental advantages: it's renewable, outperforms steel and concrete in terms of embodied energy, air pollution, and water pollution. And has a lighter carbon footprint
  • Weigh less than concrete or steel

Moreover - if the waste from CLT production is reused it is a 100% sustainable material !!!

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