Following a diet with a nutritionist I found out that by planning your meals ahead for the coming week, it's then very easy to stick to an healthy diet, as you already know what to eat and you can buy all your food in advance. My nutritionist provided me an app which let me keep track of what I'm eating, but which doesn't let me create a meal plan, so I have to do it through Google Drive. I then thought that an app which contains as many recipes as possible and an easy way to create a meal plan, plus the opportunity to automatically generate a shopping list for you (and maybe even order online shoping?), could really be helpful to anyone who's trying to follow a particular diet.

What it does

The app let users create recipes which can be shared with all other users and that can then be used to create your own meal plan. Once a user created his meal plan, he can then see what is the nutrients's quantity, provided by their meal plan. During the week the user can then view what are the meals they are supposed to eat and can check whether or not they are compliant with each meal, if not complaint they can register what food the had instead. Furthermore the app will let the user track his progress in terms of body weight and body fat, so that he'll be bale to compare his meal plan with his progress in order to understand what kind of recipes gave them the best result.

How I built it

I 'm building this app using React and Apollo Client for the frontend, while I'm using typescript along with Apollo Server and mongoose for my backend.

Challenges I ran into

  • Setting up GraphQL
  • Find the correct setup for the frontend
  • Design a consistent UI system ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of Managing to design, setup, and write a whole app on my own. Managing to setup and write from scratch an app which rely on GraphQL even though I never used it before. ## What I learned
  • GraphQL
  • Docker
  • Styled-Components
  • UI design ## What's next for Healfit I'm still working on it so my immediate plan is to get it ready as quick as possible.
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