All the wonderful people fighting against this epidemic inspired me to put everything aside and help in this fight.

What it does

It collects treatment data of covid19 patient from doctors, animal diseases and medicines data from veterinary doctors, store patient's data securely in blockchain, award cryptocurrency to doctors submitting data if they agree to mine, have cryptocurrency exchange for trading cryptocurrencies, visualise insights, predict effective treatment strategy using AI, screens potential molecules for killing virus and for boosting immunity, does AI based drug repositioning by studying interaction of screened molecules with virus molecules and genomes.

How we built it

We are in process of building it.It collects treatment data of covid19 patient from doctors.

Challenges we ran into

Hard to find ML skills.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are contributing to the fight.

What we learned

Problem is very hard

What's next for Healers.

Build the complete functioning alpha version with all the features, pitch for funding and may potentially find the cure.

Built With

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