Arguably the most culturally relevant injury in the sports world today, particularly in American football, are concussions, which can lead to devastating after effects, like CTE. We wanted to develop an all in one hub in which an athlete can take a baseline test to register their brain functionality before sustaining injury/contact, have a diagnostic test immediately after sustaining an injury that can be taken on the sideline, and then post injury based options to further assist the athlete such as autoforwarding the diagnostic results to their care network, allowing the athlete to get in touch with a UHG/Network based physician/caregiver right away via an online chatting mechanism that will be expanded upon to include video, as well as having a locator app that allows the athlete to find a clinic, doctor, or any sort of medical specialist that is fully within the athlete's insurance network. Essentially, we've aimed to create an all in one hub that can assist the football player of the 21st century in real time, right from even BEFORE they are injured.

How we built it

To build the base website, we used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, along with Bootstrap and jQuery frameworks. Google's Maps API was implemented to get

Challenges we ran into

The most accurate way to test for a concussion is to track eye movement. There are several APIs that are capable of this; however, we were not able to achieve a satisfactory level of accuracy with these software. Another method - the King-Devick test - is very inaccessible and costly.

What's next

The immediate next step is to implement the chatbox with a health professional. This will be a core feature of HeadsUp that provides immediate feedback.

Longer term, we would like to implement an eye tracker that can accurately map to the player's eyes and determine whether eye movement and tracking is normal.

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