All of us being avid bikers, we all agreed that the current situation for bikers in busy streets like New York or Boston dealt with way too many accidents and unfortunate circumstances. One of the reasons this is the case is because there is only an archaic set of gestures that indicate to drivers and other cyclists behind them whether they were turning or stopping. This needs to be known by both the biker and the observers in order for them to be fully functional. Enter our product. This allows for people to use simple gestures to avoid collisions and in the chance that there is an accident, contact preset people or the police to let people know that there was an accident.

We are most proud of the way that the myo works with the turn signals. We have built it in a way such that it will be extremely convenient for bikers to be able to use our product. The Myo itself talks to our Android app through bluetooth while the app connects to the Edison through the Wifi without needing internet access from either device.


  • myo controlled lights to indicate turning and stopping
  • Crash detection via myo's accelerometer
  • Texts emergency contacts after an accident using Twilio
  • Data visualization for Bike crashes using fusion tables

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