Parents are usually very considerate about their kids health. This solution built with Suunto Movesense will help parents by alarming them, if their child experiences a major impact to the head during for example playing ice hockey or other rapid sports. Kids might not recognize the symptoms of concussion by them selves immediately, so with the app the parent can recognize threatening situation and take action.

What it does

Using the app is super easy. Just pair with the Movesense and put your phone away, it will notify you in the case of possible concussion detection immediately.

How I built it

All the code was built on top of Suunto's example apps, which made getting started fast and trying different things easy.

Challenges I ran into

Developing an Android application is sometimes challenging. Luckily There is a great amount of tutorials and examples online to get started fast.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the app to do what you want feels always great. Also being able to submit a project can be considered to be an accomplishment.

What I learned

The hackathons are a great way to improve skills in rapid development. When you just have to start doing without having the polished idea, you can come up with something that you never thought of.

What's next for HeadCase

This application could be used with other targets than kids as well. For example, the app could be connected to a cloud service, where it could trigger an alarm directly to first aid personnel. This could be used in dangerous working sites or in sports, like boxing. This way the quick first aid can be guaranteed and the amount of further complications can be decreased.

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