Nerf gun meets 2016 - with the use of facial recognition the nerf gun is able to spot a face and shot at it.

What it does

Sends a signal to the Particle Photon and triggers the rotation of the motor. The motor is then able to pull on a string with is attached to the trigger of the gun, at which point the nerf ball is released and the shot is fired!

Challenges we ran into

Our lack of hardware knowledge was one of the challenges we needed to overcome throughout this project. We had specific issues with the DC motors & servos, as well as becoming familiar with the Particle Photon.

One of the main challenges we encountered was that the servo was not strong enough to pull the trigger of the nerf gun. We needed to open up the gun and loosen the trigger, so that it did not require as much strength to fire.

How we built it

Accomplishments that we are proud of

What we learned

What's next for Head Shot

Automating the reload and adding the second motor to allow manual rotation of the gun.

Built With

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