Our project attempts to determine whether a person is drowsy or alert. We chose this idea because a drowsy state of mind can be dangerous in particular situations, such as driving. Furthermore, a drowsy state of mind is emulated by a person who is under the influence of alcohol or a related substance. Having a tool that measures a drowsy state of mind can be useful and may be effective at preventing catastrophic events on the highway or in another setting. On our first demo day, our team was able to add bluetooth communication between two Arduino Uno boards and a sensor to our first Arduino board. Our sensor consisted of an accelerometer, an ADXL335, measuring acceleration in 3 directions (all perpendicular to one another). Second, we used two HC-05 bluetooth modules for our bluetooth communication, where one module was the slave and the other module was the master. The wiring for the bluetooth modules was the same as our bluetooth lab, where we connect TX, RX, ground, and V_in for each module. The wiring is also the same as our previous labs for the button (more on this later) and our accelerometer. The workflow of our logic is as follows: we upload the latest code to both our Arduino Unos (both have different logic), and once our master Arduino (we will reference the Arduino containing the master bluetooth module as the master Arduino) reaches loop(), it will wait for a high reading from our button, connected to the master Arduino. Pressing this button will yield a high voltage reading and start the remaining logic in our master Arduino. The remaining logic includes a testing phase, where we actually measure the motion of a person to determine if they are drowsy or alert, and logic for sending a message, indicating whether or not the person passed the motion test, through bluetooth, to the slave module.

Built With

  • glasses-accelerometer-arduino
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