I want to create a decorated backdrop to hide distracting background in video clips. Something more psychedelic with garish pop effect similar to music video.

What it does

The effect will add interesting animation to match the sound of Instagram music clip. It will also allow user to perform to the beat of the music in front of camera. Frame the performer in a virtual musical stage. Filled with animated light effect and swam of circling wing responds to the volume and frequency of Instagram music.

How I built it

I created 3D models using Blender. Arranged UV mapping in the model to apply animated shader effect. Using scripts to randomize position, color and movement of flapping wings. Applied custom render pipeline to composite separate scene objects and background layer.

Challenges I ran into

Getting the optimal frame rate for smoother animation. I had to cut down the layering effect with transparency, and reduce the number and complexity of 3d objects.

What I learned

Custom Rendered pipeline using Render pass for many interesting visual possibilities.

What's next for Head Drum

Add additional selectable decor 3D assets, color variations, and background effects. Optimize the frame rate with multiple effects.

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