• Chess being a game which teaches strategy and patience, is an healthy distraction from present trauma that people may be experiencing during these tough times.

What it does

  • platform for analyzing and playing Chess with your friends locally and online.

How we built it

  • ReactJS from Client interface.
  • SCSS for formatting and styling.
  • Express.
  • MongoDB for database handling.
  • for client-server interaction.

Challenges we ran into

  • lack of time.
  • managing the bugs and errors in the project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Custom made drag-drop feature for piece and images.
  • Collaboration with teammates.
  • Finishing the project in time.

What we learned

  • gained experience in MERN stack.
  • using /Axios for server-client interaction.

What's next for HDTV Chess

  • Hosting the web application.
  • Adding rating for users and leaderboard.
  • Matchmaking based on user ratings.
  • Chat feature.
  • Android/iOS application.
  • Playing a computer.
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