We were having a chat, making some jokes, making alot of jokes, and the idea for a bot that scrolls your friends list came about, harassing you till it knows what friend bugged you. Then we managed to form into the idea of a therapist.. a bad therapist sure.

What it does

It talks to you, listens to you, consoles you. Makes you feel good again.

How we built it

Ran through the facebook chatbot API, and using JSON to hold data, we used python to check for certain things and determine its replies. We're hosting the chatbot app created with heroku in AWS EC2. And for amazon alexa, we set up the skill with the alexa skill kit and AWS Lamda.

Challenges we ran into

We didn't manage to set up our domain at Also we had a few issues with properly setting up the app, both of us making changes at the same time and finding where the error logs are to find out what's wrong with the app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to properly run both facebook chatbot and amazon alexa skill without errors.

What we learned

Oliver learned how to make an object in JSON and that indentation IS important in python. Sky learned she has to baby sit Oliver a bit and how to set up a skill app in amazon alexa.

What's next for HDTMYF

We would like to implement more data and make the HDTMYF more smart and more hilarious at the same time.

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