HDB Tenancy Renewal App :house:

A CRUD Flask App for digitizing the tenancy renewal declaration process, built with Python Flask, MongoDB and Google Tesseract


Problem Statement

How might we design a digital process for tenancy renewal?

  • How to verify identity?
  • How to verify income?
    • Taking note that a number of tenants may not have CPF contributions
  • Accountability
    • How can we ensure the process remains as valid as with manual verification?

Proposed Solution

Solution solution system-verification admin-view


interface success-example


  • Integrate income declaration form with HDB app to allow name, address and CPF to be extracted from relevant government databases
  • Allow fuzzy matching of name and income
  • Calculate expected CPF using CPF-approved formula
  • Integrate payslip database with auto-alert system to notify tenants on verification status
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