Our emails get flooded by tons of emails every day and we never know what's really going on at school or in the community around us. CaLIt organizes all of the events on a separate calendar and let's us clearly see what's going on and see events around campuses that we might be missing.

What it does

Organizes the events around campus on a separate calendar for clearer viewing.

How I built it

ReactJS, python, django, herokuapp,, node.js,

Challenges I ran into

Connecting the backend and frontend components together, nlp parsing problems.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

NLP parsing worked, managed to deploy heroku for the first time, learned reactJS,

What I learned

We learned how to turn our ideas into physical products, how to connect frontend and backend components, and how to push through physical fatigue to complete a project.

What's next for HD2016

To continue fleshing out our program so the rest of the Dartmouth community will be able to use it, and to continue to learn and creating.

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