According to a 2012 survey, there were over 36 million hospital stays in the US with an average duration of 4.5 days. During extended hospital stays, people have almost no opportunities to escape the clinical hospital environment. Research has shown that this can cause depressive symptoms in patients and may even lead to longer recovery times and worsened chances of recovery overall. This problem may be solved by providing hospitalized individuals with an opportunity to leave their environment to attend events virtually. One of the most immersive and popular types of events are sports games, which we chose as our project focus. Being immersed in a virtual environment has the potential to reduce depressive symptoms, which should lead to shorter and more successful recovery periods.

What It Does

Download the .apk file on your Android device and use a Google Cardboard headset to immerse yourself into the mobile application to select options to be put inside of 360-degree videos of games across different universities seamlessly.

How I Built It

I created this in Unity along with programming in C# in the virtual reality application built for mobile devices for virtual reality and required assembling a Google Cardboard headset to acheive this.

Challenges I Ran Into

Some challenges I ran into was mostly Unity-related issues such as inheritance of the objects such as Players in the Scenes of the application to make the transitions smoother along with testing the components of the UI menus and making sure the quality of the videos ran fluidly as well.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud to be able to successfully build a virtual reality application that promotes media on a more personal level with those wishing to be in those moments as a way to empower them.

What I Learned

I learned that developing an application for virtual reality can be expanded upon for real-world problems that enables an innovative approach of using visualization for social good.

What's Next for HCI_SportsVR

I do plan to build more updates for the application and even find more ways of building more content for different types of audiences and their interests.

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