Our team of first-time hackers came together from a variety of backgrounds with a passion for formatting information, especially for social projects. When we discovered how much climate data was available, and how important climate change is to each of us, we set out to provide a site with accessible information for local cities.

What it does

The site provides awareness on local climate issues, as the challenges each state will face due to climate change will almost always be different and unique. This is because most sites only provide temperature and other basic information but not general climate trends that can deeply effect people.

How I built it

The team used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and some PHP to design, build,. and implement the website. For the data analytics, we used SQL and Tabelau.

Challenges I ran into

As first time hackers, we struggled at first to nail down the precise project idea and even find partners before we came together. Additionally, our language knowledge was limited and a great deal of the project was spent learning how to run analytics using SQL, understanding JavaScript, and trying to connect everything in a solid way.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Overall, our team highly focused on making sure the design was crisp, clean, unique, and incited visitors to the site to learn more. Climate Change is an issue of education, and having a site that localizes information that is relevant to the user and cutting out the excessive data is incredibly important. As such we are very proud of the set up of the website and the code to create it.

What I learned

Our understanding of HTML, CSS, and Javascript greatly increased to meet the needs of the project. Additionally, we learned a lot about SQL and Tabelau to see exactly how we can format data and process the massive amounts from our sources.

What's next for HCDCDon'tSetUsAblaze

For the site, we would ideally want it to include any major city in all 50 states of the U.S. Additionally, we would want to use the database of information to run live data analysis and prediction to help inform citizens of their future. Even further down the road our team would want to include ways to connect the local communities to fight for an impact in their area.

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