Our Application integrates all over hospitals(Both allopathic including Government, Private are to a network, health care information like patient details, and reports Labs have to connect with Hcard which is generated from either passport or any unique card( we are from India so we use Adhar card as an example In India Aadhar is a unique Id and mandatory which every citizen won from newborn baby to old Age peoples) are stored in blockchain ledger which cannot be deleted for example, if a person moves from one hospital to another for treatment they can easily found what kind of treatment patient undergoes in past through this application, Pros It will reduce the time & Cost of people. In addition to that, the government or private incentives, Funds, and offers for treatments in hospitals are everything stored under Block chain storage technology. So that from the hospital they can easily initiate it with the help of Hcard. Blockchain storage maintains a digital ledger of connected blocks of information that represent how hospital data is shared, changed, or accessed on its peer-to-peer network. It let organizations establish transparency and privacy alike, helping to conceal sensitive patient data while allowing access and sharing when needed. Protected by state-of-the-art security solutions, attackers would require vast computational capabilities to even attempt targeting a blockchain-powered network, severely limiting the frequency, possibility, and effectiveness of attacks. The user data are analyzed and shown in the GCP Analytics dashboard for the user & the user’s hospitals, for architecture kindly Refer Below, to the Feature 1, Transportation is one of the most daunting care access hurdles in rural areas. The report offers several recommendations to rise to the challenge, so that Establish partnerships with transportation services such as ola, uber & Ambulance services and connect this API to our Website

  1. Monthly Checkup alert Message to every patient.
  2. EMI Options for medicine
  3. Bot & Chat with Doctor
  4. Map API - For Hospital Routes
  5. Google Translator - For Language Translation

Note -> project mentioned below is not the actual implementation it just a model

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