We got our inspiration from This project was coded in python and we re-coded it in JS.

What it does

The bot we forked will block users from messaging in chat until they fill out a captcha. Each claim is met with a new restriction requiring users to fill out captcha, thus eliminating bots from claiming tokens.

How I built it

This hCaptcha bot was built on python. We forked it and built it out in JS. This bot is available open source @

  • Bot works on NodeJS and uses TelegrafJS framework
  • Wep App powered with NextJS

Challenges I ran into

Telegram API doesn't allow the bot to delete messages from other bots. We would like to delete all messages to keep the chat clean. This will be a function we will build out so the user has an option to turn on/off. That and several bugs while coding, typical programming stuff.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to translate this bot from python to JS was challenging. We have a lot of token communities complaining about bots taking slp with little to no work. We feel this bot will prevent 99% of claim bots, only failing to those who use captcha solving services. As of now those are too expensive to be profitable given the current prices of SLP tokens.

What I learned

CICD with docker hub and Github Actions.

Other Usecases

This bot at its core functions to limit uses from typing in chat until they fill out a captcha. This could be used for any faucet on telegram not limited to SLP.

What's next for hCaptcha Telegram Bot

Our main focus is broken up into 2 points.

  1. We need to finish building out the features that user can turn on or off, so they can run their faucet as they see fit. We also need to finish making this bot plug and play. It's not quite ready.
  2. We have an advertisement system we are going to set in place so people can advertise their telegram chat groups faucets directly in the hCaptcha bot. This will allow users to help find other SLP faucets.


BCH address: bitcoincash:qpc6jk3c3wquz7wmu84kz957x7ysv25mrv44p0x7fh

SLP address: simpleledger:qqjr0r5avz6x0vew9f9p4zyc5v8dzy7xushq3u5uq4

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