I often see editors host video editing contests with decent structure, but no semblance of something to keep track of time. This often forces all individual participants to dedicate a large portion of space on their screen to tracking the time themselves, or worse, be left in the dark.

What it does

Maintains a countdown timer that runs until the end of a given video editing competition. Seamless integration directly into Adobe After Effects, can be minimized and rearranged to fit in any part of the program at will.

How I built it

I wrote this with a standard web frontend of HTML, CSS, and Node.js. The software as a whole runs as an Adobe extension, which allows for ease of ability to transfer it into other Adobe software with little to no issue.

Challenges I ran into

Timezones were a relatively pressing issue I had to deal with in order to cater to editors around the globe. Thankfully, after a bit of digging I found DayJS, a great node module that was able to handle it for me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to quickly complete a fleshed-out product within the given time.

What I learned

Timezones and maintaining accessibility for all users is paramount to creating a great product.

What's next for HC Timer

It's on my priority list to create invite codes for people to be able to join contests easily and avoid setting up their clocks themselves. Additionally, contests hosts would be able to dynamically modify the timer mid-contest.

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