Help pilgrims to communication with Hajj organizers and ask for support

What it does

The application is splited into two parts

HC-Sender :

  • Helps hajjis to send a request to the appropriate service

HC-Collector :

  • Collect all the hajis requests in real time
  • Class hajji requests in priority order
  • Show requests in map to allow the hajj orgnizer sending support
  • Hide request when is done

How we built it

C#, .Net, MySql

Challenges we ran into

Develop two inter-connected stable applications in such a short time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Applications are stable, no bugs
  • The Applications can be used this year for a real usage
  • The UI is clean and easy to use (only 4 simples touches allows us to ask for a service)

What we learned

No thing is impossible, in such a short time, HC-Sys is here.

What's next for HC-Sys

Ver 2.0 with :

  • Mobile/smart watch API to send more details especialy for health requests
  • Adding authentification system which is connected to the Hajj Database
  • estimate time required to receive support
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