Mix Chatroulette, Snapchat and Facebook Live, add Facetime

What it does

Video chat with your fans and stream the virtual Meet’n’Greet to Facebook Live etc.

Get help talking to your fans / audience

How we built it

Docker + Node.js & (based on WebRTC)

To get Data about the Artist and the Audience we used:

  • Musimap API
  • Universal Music API
  • Qwant Music News API
  • Qwant Music Discography API

Challenges we ran into

Videochat via WebRTC still has some glitches in restricted network situations

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

Videoroulette built in less than 24h

What we learned

  • WebRTC
  • New APIs
  • Justin Bieber fans are more likely to stalk on Facebook.

What’s next for hbnb

  • Build an Interface to automate features for the artist
  • Use a self-hosted media server
  • Stream to other live platforms

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