Hospital bills can be expensive and can leave most people in debt. A study highlights the effect hospital bills have on US citizens, it is estimated that 54% of US citizens are in medical debt, 59% of people have used up their savings to pay for hospital bills and the staggering effects of these expensive bills has led to 32% of adults delaying their treatments. We have developed "HBE", where citizens are provided with an opportunity to estimate bills, giving them an opportunity to plan and prepare accordingly, as opposed to receiving a surprise bill.

What it does

"HBE" is a web app where people can input their information into a form and using data analytics, an estimated cost of the hospital bill will be displayed. The app will also enable users to input actual hospital bill cost, this will enable us to collect data useful for updating our dataset, so we can improve our prediction.

How we built it

The design of the web app was created in Figma and built with Javascript, HTML and CSS. We used Python to create a regression model to estimate the price of the hospital bill.

The API was developed using Flask to serve the prediction model. Both the web app and the api is hosted on Heroku. The web app uses HTTP requests to query the API with the input from the user to predict the cost of their health bill

Challenges we ran into

Connecting the user input and Python into the web app. Time to complete the initial project, we weren’t able to integrate user input of actually price but is something we endeavour to do.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

Everyone on the team brings their strengths and coming together to finish the project is the best part of participating in a hackathon.

What's next for HBE-Hospital Bill Estimator

We would like to do beta-testing with users and fine-tune our dataset. We want to add a BMI calculator in the web app.

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