Caregivers of loved ones with dementia often suffer from depression due to stress. They oftenregularly worry about their loved one’s safety. Their attention and care can sometimes be overbearing to their loved ones causing conflict between the two parties. We wanted to develop an application that can help reduce stress by allowing caregivers to subtly monitor their loved one’s activities, environment, and their well-being. GivingThis gives the caregivers peace of mind and returning freedom and dignity back to their loved ones with dementia.

What it does?

Hazel builds a virtual connection between individuals suffering from dementia and their caregivers. Individuals with dementia sends their activities and status of their environment to their caregiver. Caregivers sends event schedules and medicine reminders to the individuals with dementia. This way the caregiver can unobtrusively monitor their loved one interfering only when absolutely necessary.

How we built it

Hazel consists of two smartphone applications: the patient side, Hazel; and the caregiver side, Hazelcares. Hazel is a tablet application which is designed as a dashboard that is stationed in the homes of the individual with dementia. Hazel connects to bluetooth beacons as peripherals that are placed on the pillbox, front door, fridge, stove, and bed. These beacons provide information on the individual’s activities back to Hazel. Hazelcares is a smartphone application that caregivers can open on the go. The caregivers can define events and scheduled reminders (recurring events) that are sent to Hazelcares. A backend server hosted by Openshift was developed to connect the two applications together.

Challenges we ran into

Designing simple and intuitive applications targeted for individuals affected by dementia was a great challenge. It took some research to understand their pain points, both on the caregiver side and the individual with dementia.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

To have developed an application, which is potentially very affordable, that may help some families cope with dementia.

What we learned

A solid plan makes implementation smooth.

What's next for Hazel

Testing with our grandparents!

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