iWitness Map and the Live Awareness Map.

What it does

Brings in social media posts related to Houston pollution events. Makes the public aware of events near them.

How I built it

Scripts in Python Used TCEQ API to get data on air emission events that occur in Houston Used geocoding to get coordinates of location cites Get tweets from the surrounding area and preform keyword searches to identify relevant tweets

Font End Web Used LeafletJS, JQuery, Bootstrap, NodeJS, ExpressJS.

Challenges I ran into

Datascrapping Facebook/Twitter proved difficult and there was limited effective keywords.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

"Learned a really cool mapping tool!"-Daas

What I learned

Javascript and full stack development. Learned how to work using Slack for communications, practiced decisiveness.

What's next for Hazardous Environmental Events Map

If concept can be proven useful, this might make a good addition to the Breathe Tool map. Overall, should be implemented as a citywide alert system.

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