My goal was to make a fast paced multiplayer action game where you could jump in with your friends and know immediately what to do. You have to run for your life because the space station around you is exploding. The levels are everytime new because they are generated procedurally.

What it does

Login with your IMVU Avatar and and meet your friends to run for your life.


Xbox Controller

  • Start

  • Back



Space to Start

Escape to Reset

F1 to change controls

How I built it

IMVU SDK and Unity 5

Challenges I ran into

Network syncing needs still more work

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Procedural Levelbuilder

What I learned


Unity 5 Networking

Procedural Levelbuilding Basics

What's next for Hazard Runners

Bugfixing & Polishing

Repeatable random number with seed to let host player choose a level

New obstacles

Competetive skills

Achievements for mastered levels

Built With

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