The inspiration is based on my previous hackathon competition 'HayLingo,' which previously won first place in FB Messaging 2. I want to share this tutorial to encourage developers to create a chatbot messenger. This tutorial creates a mini version of the HayLingo chatbot, focusing on building HayWord features to help users enrich their English vocabulary with gamification of guessing words with a variety of hints provided synonyms, word types and definitions, and the translate feature in chat.

What it does

in this tutorial, the readers will learn:

  • FB Messenger (create a chatbot application, implement the messenger extension webview, quick replies, generic templates, Get Started Button, Greeting Text)
  • (create user intentions, entities, training, integration to the messenger)
  • ReactJS (Messenger integration, creating React components, state, and props)
  • Firebase (Messenger integration, creating and updating user data)
  • API integration (Translate API, WordsAPI)

How I built it

In making this tutorial, I need Messenger technology, ReactJS,, Firebase, Glitch, and third-party APIs (translate API, WordsAPI) to build a chatbot application use GitHub README in writing tutorials.

Challenges I ran into

the challenge that I get is how to make sure what I write in the tutorial is easily understood by readers.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have finished writing this tutorial well.

What I learned

  • make good and interesting tutorials
  • tutorials are not just writing, but also media to share with fellow developers.

What's next for HayWord | Case Study for Making Real Word Messenger Apps

  • make the tutorial even better

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