Eager to learn and be fluent to acquire English language motivates me to make something that can help people like me can easily practice my target language.

What it does

Main Feature

HayBot a fast way to practice your new language with a conversational AI bot.

HayFriend connecting you with real people across the world who enthusiast to practice a new language too.

HayWord Play guess the word game to enrich your vocabulary with the fun way.

Support Feature

Translate you can translate by word or sentences powered by language identifier, NLP and NLU.

Pronounciation listen to how the word is pronounciate.

Quick Reply Feature in Conversation

Translate All make it easier for you to understand the last chat text.

Change to Speech a mode that made for accustomed you to listen to the new language.

How I built it

using FB messenger with node js as backend and typescript as languages, processing user input with to determine their intent for translate and pronounce also to identify the user input language to assign the parent language of the user in MongoDB, and for translation service and text to speech, I used was and wordapi for hayword feature.

Challenges I ran into

  • send an audio file from aws polly to bot messenger.
  • bridging users. -create a guess word game in messenger

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • can use for the first time and integrate it with messenger
  • bridging users
  • send an audio text to speech to messenger
  • make a guess word game to enrich the user vocabulary.

What I learned

  • a lot of and messenger api
  • be patient for facing stack and error during code

What's next for HayLingo! - Your New Language Practice Companion

  • iteration for getting product-market fit
  • expand to other new languages like Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French and etc

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