It is always hard to get a concrete RSVP for informal events such as a friend's birthday outing, a movie night out, or even a simple dinner at home. Event owners mass-send out invitational messages on various communication platforms such as Messenger, Whatsapp or Hangouts, but these messages often get ignored due to the clutter of other chats also happening simultaneously within the same platforms.

What it does

Hayley is Alexa's best gurlfriend - just speak to her and she does the work for you. A simple and straight-forward solution, she prides herself on convenience and does not require both event owner and users to install any apps - just voice and plain old SMS messages will do. Hayley is your personal events manager who can help you get responses from people who matter.

How we built it

Perseverance, RED BULL & Coffee ;)

Challenges we ran into

Echo is difficult to connect to WiFi at first New to AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Manage to link voice commands to our own custom skills

What we learned

How to use AWS, Alexa Skills and Twilio

What's next for Hayley

Smarter responses Machine Learning Capable of making reservation

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