A favorite feature of the users of our Chatbot on Discord is the real time floor price checking of their favorite NFT collections directly on Discord. After we launched our NFT collection, a number of our users were requesting for a similar command that could give the floor price of each rarity in our collection so that they could quickly check if a particular rarity was being undervalued by the market.

Another common pain point we were seeing in the NFT space was that users were missing out on mints that they had whitelist access to since they forgot the mint time or they weren't able to convert the mint times to their local timezones.

We also included mint multipliers and the % of Total Supply listed into our NFT price checking command, though this is only applicable for MagicEden Launched Collections like 6Rings or Debonair Degen Hawks.

What it does

We built 2 features using the Magic Eden API:

1. Debonair Degen Hawks Floor Price per Rarity Checker Using the Magic Eden API and our NFT collection's hashlist, we were able to track and list down which and how many Debonair Degen Hawk NFTs were currently listed on MagicEden and what the floor price was per rarity in the collection. We then give users a view of this information by setting up a command that they can send over to our Discord Bot so they can have access to almost real time price checks on a particular rarity they're interested in directly on Discord.

2. Magic Eden Launchpad Upcoming Collections Using the Magic Eden API, we're able to get a list of the upcoming NFT collections that will launch on the Magic Eden Launchpad. We then give access our users access to this list by setting up a command that they can send over to our Discord Bot so they can receive the name of the collections launching, their total supply, mint price, and user-timezone-adjusted Mint Date and Time.

How we built it

Given that we already have a working discord bot, it was a matter of figuring out which endpoints we could utilize to make our super bot even more powerful. We started with looking into every single endpoint available and seeing how this could be add value to our users. The ME team via telegram was also a big help in our process of understanding the API more. We then made a list of all possible features and tried to implement each.

In the process of developing, we also kept in mind how best to present these new data to the users. User Experience, even in a chat bot, is very important to us. We would even believe that UX is one of the most important factors in a chat bot.

Ultimately, we can summarize it into these few steps: Understand the data, Figure out what can be developed, Develop, and Make the User Experience 10/10.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into timing issues since we decided to join the hackathon later into the hackathon development period. Since the API was new to us and relatively new itself, we had to clarify with the ME team on how some endpoints worked after seeing some unexpected responses. The unexpected parts of the API responses also forced us to pivot from our original ideas and deliver features we'd be happy deploying to our users.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're really happy that we could pivot and deliver features our users were looking for within this hackathon. Just getting through the hackathon and delivering features we're happy with is an achievement in itself. :)

What we learned

We learned how to filter out floor prices per attribute and make use of Discord's timestamps better. We're also really excited about the visibility that Magic Eden is giving to the community through the API, and we'll be keeping tabs on the API's developments so that we can bring more actionable investment insights to our users.

What's next for Hawksight Bot Improvements via Magic Eden API

We're looking into how we can design, adjust, and execute the Floor Price per Attribute workflow we used on our NFT collection in other popular NFT collections (especially those with +100 attributes).

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