The Problem

The Aedes Aegypti Mosquito is one of the deadliest animals on the planet. Right now, the latest epidemic is the Zika Virus transmitted by these same mosquitoes and similar to the diseases dengue and chikungunya. With the spread of the virus spreading sporadically throughout Brazil, governments in Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean are on high alert. As such, they are actively in search of ways to prevent the spread of the disease by collecting and analyzing data on the already affected individuals, so as to contain the outbreak. One of the existing solutions to acquire data on affected individuals and areas is to send out teams of government contracted workers to survey different locations all over the island, in particular homes and businesses.

The Solution

VecDetect is a software solution used to detect data sets that relate to the Zika Virus outbreak from an aerial view point provided by a drone. With an industrial drone in play, various data points can be extrapolated to create a holistic database that would be able to provide the government with the necessary information to combat the spread of the virus. Some of the data points include: locating various bodies of water (large and small), temperature of the air and bodies of water, and identify larvae in the water.

We created a bear minimum solution by taking images of infected bodies of water with a high density camera and parsing it through various visual api's provided by Google and IBM Watson to analyse the data.

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