What it does

It provides users with a simple UI, so they can keep track of important events and perhaps save themselves from many of the attack surfaces and the same time know info about other forked chains or when any soft fork happens. You can subscribe to get notified for active tips, lagging nodes, forks, invalid blocks etc.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

  • Spinning up multiple testnet nodes and connecting with database.
  • We were not familiar with most of the things that were needed like postgreSQL, websockets etc
  • Although documentation is very concise we found that it can further be improved on to make few thing or give few warnings before error that we faced.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Good understanding of the project forkscanner.
  • Good understanding of bitcoin core rpc.
  • New tools that we haven't used till now.

What we learned

Haha!, We have learnt so much, from SQL databases to web sockets but most importantly a far better understanding of bitcoind and bitcoin-cli.

What's next for Hawkeye

  • Overall code cleanup an fixes.
  • Improvements in the raw front end
    • Subscriptions for forks, invalid blocks, lagging nodes ...
  • Integration with bitcoin wallets.
  • A mobile compatible version of website or app.

Built With

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