Inspiration "Authenticity of a resource lies in the hands of the one who has it".The files whose confidentiality matters most can be fallen prey to hackers or compromised by trusted people itself.Today sharing of a file is just a matter of click and gaining authorization is just a set of credentials or exchangeable locks.This projects aims to keep track of the document across devices and logging the details of devices accessing it.To trace the file and keep the owner of file informed about its status so that the suspicious act can be caught.This add-in is used when confidentiality is at high priority and the file is restricted for other persons.EX:when any yet to be patented or confidential document is shared among your group or team members there is a chance to compromise trust and share with outer this add-in keeps a trace of every event and helps to identify where the thing went wrong.

What it does

when some one opens the document the user details logged in along with the possible unique identifiers of device like ip address,device user .... etc are queried and an azure function is triggered which process the data find any suspicious behavior by Microsoft AI anomaly detection and updates azure db.Based on the user choice the list is mailed every time new user event occurs or randomly.The admin can be alerted through email.So even if someone logs with permitted authorization(since ID , passwords are exchangeable) the details can identify the real user.

How I built it

Office addin with two phases 1.If someone want to protect the addin provides options to set permission level and new docId and a new table in db is created. 2.when the document is opened anywhere on initialization of document the necessary fields are queried and updated without users notice.

Challenges I ran into

creating unique id for a document since all document properties are editable.Thanks to latest build version where we can create custom parameters for a document. yet to do anomaly detection part.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Hawk I

real time permissions,real time blocking of document access,anomaly detection ,trace all edits of each user

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