I heard this story a long time ago and thought it would be great if Alexa shared this wisdom. Things seem so polarized, so this is a fun way to help people change their perspective on changing perspectives.

What it does

A simple app. Alexa tells you a story, you answer a question, Alexa shares the answer and repeats your answer back to you.

How I built it

Just used the Alexa developer console, Lambda and the simple Alexa Conversations example.

Challenges I ran into

Deciding whether to host on Lambda or using Alexa to manage the hosting on the free tier.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting my first published Alexa skill. I have only published a skill as developer only before.

What I learned

Alexa has already trained data types for Colors, TV shows and a lot of other inputs. There are a lot of conversations that are easier to build now that I didn't realize before.

What's next for Change your thinking riddle

Perhaps add additional riddles, stories that are randomly selected. So far there is only one.

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