A member of our team was directly affected by the wildfires in California last quarter. Having experienced firsthand this extremely stressful situation, he acknowledged the need for an easy way for people fleeing large-scale natural disaster find safe havens.

What it does

Our app aims to connect people in need of a haven with the countless everyday people who can provide it. Though we first thought of this project in the context of fleeing Californian wildfires, there are many more potential applications for this project, including people needing a place to stay when it is dangerously cold outside (e.g., during the polar vortexes that have swept the country in some years), people needing a place to stay because their neighborhood is in the middle of an armed conflict, and recent immigrants needing a place to stay to get their feet on the ground.

How I built it

We used Ionic Devapp, a platform which allows coders to create apps using web development languages. We used TypeScript, SCSS, and HTML. We also used the Google Maps API to support the maps features.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges we ran into included git, version control, ionic syntax, and how to write to files.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Given that we technically started "hacking" late afternoon on Saturday, we are quite proud of how far we came! Despite early challenges with git and ionic-dev, we were able to produce a preliminary product we are proud to present!

What I learned

We have definitely learned a lot about git and version control, along with various aspects of the ionic framework and how to use the Google Maps API!

What's next for Haven

We plan to continue development post-hackathon, and the eventual goal would be to pitch the idea to a complementary company who could then implement it on the large-scale.


Github repo currently private

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