In light of the presidential election (with its promises of deeply harmful policies in the future and the heightened violence which has already come), we realized that it is more pressing than ever for LGBTQ people to be able to find the resources and spaces which would allow them to live their everyday lives in safety and health, particularly in areas which are far less open than the Bay Area. Haven is our answer to the years to come.

What it does

Haven provides a map of resources (split into health and community) for LGBTQ people based on their current location, making it convenient for traveling to unfamiliar locales. In addition to finding safe locations and services, people can share their own findings with others via a simple search and review.

How we built it

We implemented Google Maps and Places APIs for the UI and parsed JSON data to display markers for safe hospitals (2016 HRC Leaders in LGBTQ Healthcare Equality), community centers, and other locations inputted by users.

Challenges we ran into

Developing with Google Maps and Places was very challenging and consumed much time, as we were not very familiar with the two APIs beforehand.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

While overcoming the technical challenges was certainly very satisfying, we're most proud of creating an app which has the potential to contribute to promoting people's wellbeing and safety in the years to come.

What we learned

We learned a great deal about building location-based apps!

What's next for Haven

More certified locations, a system of reviews/community authentication, broadening to other marginalized communities, scaling up... the list goes on and on! And of course, we'll be listening to the community and our users all the way.

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