Our inspiration was a culmination of different current social media sites. In the status quo, apps like Instagram portray the ideal, creating unrealistic expectations. Our motive was to create a social media platform where people feel accepted and welcome to express their emotions.

What it does

This platform encourages people to explore their interests and better their wellbeing through describing how they're feeling by adding posts, or adding to their mood tracker. They must register for a new account prior to logging into the website and accessing their newsfeed; they can however post anonymously.

How I built it

We built this using python and flask.

Challenges I ran into

With three group members having this as our first hackathon, we ran into several technical challenges whether it be using Git, understanding Flask, and figuring out how to customize things on the front-end. We overcame this with strong teamwork and communication.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This a project that has potential to have a large scale impact and works towards the goal of reducing the toxicity surrounding social media. By making it a low-stake platform where everyone doesn't need to be perfect, we're hoping to send the message that this is a safe "haven" for everyone.

What I learned

I learned a lot about Flask and how you even make a web application seeing this was my first one.

What's next for Haven

Haven can be expanded to incorporate a goals/challenges component. Users can write their short-term or long-term goals from organization to larger challenges - such as seeking help through therapy. Then, they can either choose (or not) to share their progress with others.

It can also be a place to share concerns, and be assured that people will only see them if they're in the proper headspace to. Users will be able to filter by topics expressed in the post, currently implemented through tagging but something we could do using ML in the future to identify keywords that are associated with different topics regardless of tagging.

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