Thirty years ago, there were approximately 4 million women-owned businesses in the United States. Today, there are more than 11 million women-owned businesses – representing 39 percent of all firms. While this trend is moving in the right direction, women-owned businesses still grow at a slower rate and earn less revenue than male-owned firms. In fact, women entrepreneurs face persistent institutional barriers that make achieving financial parity a serious challenge with lasting consequences. The consequences of female entrepreneurs face on a day-to-day basis inspired us to develop a mentorship and collaboration platform for women.

While we were researching potential ideas about gender disparity, we found that only 14 percent of the Female Indian entrepreneurs are on LinkedIn. Despite India’s decent ranking for equality of economic participation and opportunity, 90% of the businesses run by women are microenterprises. Surprising isn’t it? Unfortunately, women form 68% of India’s illiterate population. Thus, many women aren’t able to properly scale their businesses due to limited resources. Women lack support from the community and they face increased household expectations.

What it does

HaveHerBack is a mentorship platform for women by women to achieve their full potential. This mentorship platform includes three cornerstones. The mentorship pairing system ensures that each member of the community is receiving the best support and guidance to fulfill their goals for the mentorship program. Since the HaveHerBack matches each pair based on their interests and location, they can choose to meet in-person or online to build a meaningful connection. In addition, building a community of people who share the same interest for a great cause is our aim. HaveHerBack is a platform to let your voices be heard! Remember that you MATTER and you are NEVER alone. We have your back! Ultimately, empower women to continue their journey! Get inspired by women's accomplishments.

Mobile App
  • allows opportunities for female entrepreneurs running Small& Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to connect & receive mentorship from industry experts on the platform.
  • SMEs can also seek collaboration amongst themselves by connecting with firms that can cater to their needs.
  • Provision of a collection of relevant news/announcements about special funding/support for women-run SMEs from the internet
  • The Map feature finds organisation by category and location which helps user's collaborate and be aware of women-run start-ups in the region.
  • Advertises Mobile App

How we built it

Mobile App
  • Maps JavaScript API - Used For Embedded Interactive Google Maps.
  • Geocoding API - Used For Embedded Interactive Google Maps.
  • Places API - Used For Embedded Interactive Google Maps
  • Figma - Used to create prototype (click the link to view our design)
  • FireBase - Utilized for authentication when users signed in/created an account and the Firestore
  • Android Studio - Used to Develop Flutter App
  • Flutter - Used to Develop Flutter App
  • Coding Languages - Dart, Ruby,Swift

Challenges we ran into

  • Working remotely was a burdensome challenge for us because we could not coordinate as well as if we were working together in person. To keep up to date, we needed to communicate effectively via Discord and GitHub Project To-Do Lists.
  • Integrating the APIS's and working with the firebase authentication/ firestore as we didn't have much experience with these tools.
  • Since so many different individuals were working on the project simultaenously, it was a challenge to keep our app look ing cohesive and concise. To mantain a consistent style, we made mocks up of our app utilizing Figma before we began coding. This enabled all of us to be on the same page.
  • Getting our to work for the website

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • Overcoming the above challenges was our biggest accomplishment.
  • Utilizing the knowledge we gained from the workshops to create our application.
  • Being able to work together and produce something despite our major time zone differences and limited time.
  • Being able to bring all of our unique educational backgrounds to produce a product.
  • Working with a new techstack and steping out of our comfort zone
  • Learning that this is a novel idea that others have not created before.

What we learned

We learned how to use Flutter for the first time, and how to work together with different skill sets. In addition, we learned that many tools and libraries like Google APIs and FireBase exist that can be used to make our app a reality.

What's next for Have Her Back:

In the future, we are hoping to implement more tools to foster a sense of unity and empowerement. For example, we may include channels where users can discuss day-to-day events and provide each other with resources. We may also insert a channel that allows users to report sexual harassment and other major issues women deal with. Each time a women reports an event a marker can be added to the location where the event occurred. The marker can have different colors to signify different issues.

Join the inclusive community of talented, bright and accomplished women now!

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