Inspiration - I can never remember where I put stuff in my apartment!

What it does - Stores the locations of things you need to remember - whether it's personal items, confidential documents, or any item you put somewhere and don't need right away. Instead of tearing through your home to find it when you need it, just ask Alexa, have you seen my...?

How I built it - Flask-ask and python.

Challenges I ran into - This was my first Alexa skill, so there definitely was a learning curve. Getting the skill to work through flask-ask, figuring out the best way to handle intents, and making the skill more user-friendly were all challenges I worked through.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - Making my first functional Alexa skill!

What I learned - A ton! How to use DynamoDB to store information and how to use the Amazon Developer Console in general.

What's next for Have You Seen My - I want to improve the conversation-ability of the skill. I also would like to off password protection for certain items.

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