When I meet people, I share my blog and other websites with them. In person, this can be tedious to exchange contact info. It would be nice to write down their contact details and send them my profile quickly.

How it works

You set up a profile that you can send via SMS to people you meet. When you meet someone new, you can text Have We Met and provide their name, phone number, email, and a location you both met. If you precede this with the word "text", your profile link will be sent to the other person. If not, the person's contact details will be added to Have We Met.

Your profile offers stats on how many times each person has viewed your profile. This way you can see if they really were interested or not.

Got a new link to share? You can also change your profile at anytime by sending a text message with "setup". It's like a living business card.

You can also text a name, phone number, or email address to Have We Met to find out when you first met. This helps those who know they've seen each other around, but can't remember where.

Challenges I ran into

New lines are not retained in texts. Ideally the message would have look like:

Text Megan 9292674832 Angular Meetup

Ah crap. New lines aren't retained here either. lol




Angular Meetup

But...I had to resort to using double spaces/a period and a space. Parsing freeform text isn't easy. Uggh!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Feature kinda went farther than I had planned. Move along, nothing to see...

What I learned

Number Insight doesn't return the right locations for numbers. A 929 area code number (New York), or 650 area code (Peninsula), show up as Singapore. That's why Tim was so sketchy in the video...he knew about the teleportation capability!

What's next for Have We Met?

Instead of just sending SMS messages to new contacts, send emails as well. Switch the word Text for Email.

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