I attended Todd's speech at the start of the hackathon and I thought "Hey. Why don't I make a game about defeating him and taking his place as director of Bethesda Game Studios?"

What it does

The goal of this 2D-sidescrolling platformer game is to defeat Todd Howard and take his place as director of Bethesda Game Studios

You will traverse through the different rooms, eventually reaching the room where Todd Howard awaits. You and Todd are both equipped with the same basic close-range attack (press E), although his reaches a bit further. Todd also has the assistance of the Mysterious Stranger, who has a small chance to appear and help him out every time he attacks you.

How I built it

I built it entirely in Java, using awt and some swing

Challenges I ran into

Todd is far too powerful. The battle against him is very, very difficult. In the future I will tone it down.

Also I could not for the life of me figure out how to play sound files in Java, so unfortunately the game is without music & sound effects. It's sad, but thankfully not critical.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm pretty happy with how the game turned out overall, it needs some polish and a lot more content, but not half bad for a hackathon in my opinion. I'm particularly proud of one ability I gave Todd: I implemented my own developer console for the game in the spirit of Bethesda, and then I decided to give Todd complete randomized access to it. Every so often he will decide to reverse gravity, spawn hundreds of NPCs somewhere in the room, reverse the player's controls, or any number of other fun tricks.

What I learned

I learned a bit about making a good enemy AI, and also not to make enemy AIs too powerful to defeat.

What's next for Have at thee, Todd Howard!

I hope to add a wider variety of attacks for both Todd and the player, as well as better AI and movement patterns. I also want to put more content in the game before Todd's battle, as he's supposed to be the final boss and there isn't currently much before him.

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