During the pandemic, a lot of kids have been detached from their natural environment and have been sucked into the virtual world. As another wave of the COIVID-19 pandemic looms over the horizon, we decided to create and app which will encourage the children to reconnect with the natural environment by requiring them to collect items in their surroundings and submit them into the app!

What it does

You play as one of the three magical characters and your goal is to craft potions which you can exchange for candy at the Marketplace. To craft a potion, you must go around and scavenge for items that match the list of ingredients needed. For example, to seek for the Branch of the old, wise oak, you would need to find a tree branch or a stick. Using Google ML Kit the app will look for the ingredient in your photo. After you collect all the items, you can craft your selected potion. There is also a leveling system where you can complete quests to level up. You can compete to be the highest level among your friends!

How we built it

We built Haunted Hallows using a Googles UI toolkit called Flutter. Using flutter and the language Dart we were able to achieve the features we wanted! The data displayed was stored both locally and in firebase firestore database. Data such as level, cash, spell progress, and etc. were all stored in firestore db. We also used firebase ML Kit to make sure users don't cheat. We made sure to add a list of tags in each spell ingredient so ML Kit can search for those in the picture taken. For example, if the ingredient is a tree branch the app will search for a tree and iterate through a list of tree characteristics to confirm it.

Challenges we ran into

Though we were lucky this time around and did not run into too many issues. Regardless, we did have a tough time getting ML Kit to work. It would not detect items such as pumpkins and snakes. We figured the best solution would be to add a list of tags to each ingredient and have ML Kit look for those tags. Instead of ML Kit looking for vampires, we would have it look for features unique to them. Though this process was tedious and time-consuming, it was well worth it when it started to work!

Accomplishments that we're proud of + What we learned

This was the first time Sarvagya and I made a mobile game. We had a lot of fun coming up with fun ideas and implementing them. What we are most proud of is how smoothly everything went! Because this was our first time we were worried we would run into many problems. The ML Kit is very useful and vast and we definitely want to revisit it in future projects. In the end, we had a lot of fun making this project and definitely plan to make more games together in the future!

What's next for Haunted Hallows: Hunt for Halloween!

Though we did manage to achieve the features we wanted we still feel like there is a lot to add. We have many fun ideas for the future of the game and definitely plan to continue it! Somethings we are considering are:

  • More starting characters
  • More spells
  • More interaction between players
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