We at VSI were inspired by all of the Sound Skills on the Skill Store a wanted to capture some of that magic for the Halloween Season. We learned a lot from this process in regards to ISP and how to build for it in future projects. The challenge is creating a Skill that lives in two different phases one before a purchase and another after the purchase is complete.

Haunted Halloween Sounds is an Alexa skill designed to deliver ambient sounds relative to the holiday of Halloween. When enabled, the base level of the skill gives a free sound to the user. The skill has in skill purchasing that allows the user to purchase the Lifetime Spooky Sounds Pass (LSSP). The Lifetime Spooky Sounds Pass gives you full access to all the Halloween sound tracks now available, as well as, any future sounds that are added to the skill. The LSSP also provides access to controls like shuffle and loop. This is a one time purchase, with no strings attached.


Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integrating in skill purchasing into our Alexa skill.

What's next for Haunted Halloween Sounds. More haunting sounds!

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