Human trafficking is complex topic that clouded in uncertainty. A lot of myths still exist about what human trafficking looks like and who is trafficked. The fact is, anyone can become a victim of human trafficking. Our purpose is to bring this difficult topic to the forefront of the conversation because EVERYONE can BE SOMEONE’S HERO. But we need to speak up!

Our platform, a multi-language chat-bot, provides a non-threatening environment for anyone to access information and services about the human trafficking epidemic and how they can help or get help.

What it does

Real-world signage to expose Human Trafficking in more location/events. Creates awareness for more people to be advocates. Helps increase reporting. Creates automated alerts. Partner with large entities in the community to help decrease trafficking.

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

Data is disparity and incomplete, which doesn't allow for powerful data analytics.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

worked as a team, problem solved, pivoted from our initial idea, and made a great project

What I learned

That human trafficking comes in many forms.

What's next for Hault Human Trafficking.

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