Lawyers must go through long processes, by paper, to request bike messengers to transport important packages or documents.

What it does

The system consists of a Web Page where lawyers can locate and request bike messengers and sending them sender and receiver data. The bike messengers will have access to a mobile App, where they can see their current requests and either accept or decline them. If accepted, the messenger will follow a series of steps: pick up package, deliver package, request payment, and verify payment.

How we built it

For the Web Page we used Angular Material Design, Google Maps API, ATH Movil API, nodeJS, HTML, CSS, heroku, json, npm, bootstrap, and bower. For the server we used nodeJS, ExpressJs, heroku, npm, http-request, and json. For the iOS App we used Swift and Xcode.

Challenges we ran into

Push Notifications on iOS App were not reaching the device.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We stayed till the end.

What we learned

Swift and how to send Push Notifications through a desktop console.

What's next for Hauler

Implement cost-distance algorithm, generate DB, and Android deployment.

Built With

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