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Hawai'i Advanced Technology Society

The lengthy and tiresome visitation process at the Oahu Community Correction Center (OCCC) is too much of a hassle for the staff that supports the process, the visitors attempting to visit, and the inmates waiting to see their loved ones. Many of the visitors fill out numerous forms and wait all day but end up getting denied because of a misunderstanding or an entry missing. After meeting with the OCCC staff, they identified to us key aspects and problems in their visitor registration process.

We want to solve this, not just for OCCC, but for the State

Hawai'i Advanced Technology Society (HATS) has come up with a solution and implemented an automated visitation process for OCCC by creating a website for the visitors to submit an online form that they would normally have to fill out by hand. This centralized web application will allow both visitors and staff to save a lot of time and have an easy registration process. Not only can this process be implemented for OCCC, but for all public services that need an organized solution for their day-to-day operations.

So we did, and it's almost ready to go

We wanted to build out as much of an easy to use solution as possible. Something that a fifth grader could understand, something easy enough for grandma to find reasonable. We don't believe in complicated systems, tons of fancy gui's or a mirage of code and install information. There can be improvements in every process; the improvements that move towards a solution of simplicity are those that will be adopted by society. People want tasks that make their life easier, not harder.

Our three step process hits this perfectly:

1) Registration for Visit: http://hacc.hats.team:81/Registration.php
2) Authorization to Visit: http://hacc.hats.team:83/
3) Verification of Visit: http://hacc.hats.team:84/

The visitor will go to the public website and register for a time to visit their inmate. After the request is submitted, the authorization goes to the OCCC staff for approval of the visitors on this list. From here, they can make the determination if it should be approved or denied. Finally, guards at the front desk can keep track of all visitors coming in and out of the complex easily. The system is updated to the second and current visitation requests will appear higher on the list. Interested in more technical information? Check out our GitHub here: https://github.com/HACC2016/HATS

We still got them streeetch goals, tho

What good is a project if we just ended there? Yeah great, that solves the main issue at hand, but in reality: more functionality can be added. There's a lot more we want to implement, to name a few key topics:

-Improved Consistency of Design
-User Login Session Base
-Notification of Approval/Denial
-Notification of Facility/Visitation Closure

We have less than a week till the end, let's see what we can do!

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