To reduce the amount of hate/harassment on the internet

What it does

It changes tweets that it is mentioned in that consist of some type of hate to resemble a different type of hate

How we built it

We used AWS in order to host the server and demo webpage, and from that we have the twitter api automatically call the code and run the automatic response

Challenges we ran into

Jake - Reading and editing the tweets from the Twitter API (not natively supported by python, used tweepy for wrapper) CJ - Setting up the AWS to run with the website along with the python script in the background Matt - Creating the hate dictionary was difficult Aaron - Series of bugs in the flavourize function in that consisted of indexing errors and othe small logical errors that required breaks during coding

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Fully functional twitter bot, with a fairly large and very growable dictionary

What we learned

We learned more about indexing in arrays and arrays of arrays, we learned about twitter integration, and more about the AWS service by Amazon

What's next for HateIsHate

We will be continuing development and making it more responsive to more such as retweets and a higher more precise word dictionary

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