Inspiration Hater

Today Twitter suffers from a big problem of online harassment and is out of control. This is due to the insensitive of free speech on the begging of the platform, however this create a platform for hate speech to any person and a guarantee anonymity. This causes a lot of hate speech that can truly hurt people on the internet. This causes people to be alienated and completely leave the platform.

A chrome extension that can be easily install with any version of Google Chrome (hopefully more platforms on the future). The extension allows the user to block any tweets that can be consider hateful by the user.

How we built it The backend server with the database runs Java-servlets and MY

back end was very difficult and we have to work tomcat and re script the reading input

Challenges we ran into

the use AWS, the use of Jquery and how to retreave the ID type of eeach tweet.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

## What we learned we learn a lot on front tools like javascript, jquery

What's next for Hate be Gone!

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