What it does

Instantly connect with nearby people: HatChat Dining allows you to message or call nearby HatChatters using your phone's built in SMS and calling.

This social messaging application combines the best of Yelp, Tinder, and trnql for you to chat with random nearby people.

Choose between several different cuisines... Swipe between who you would want to eat with... Swipe between where you would want to eat...

... and HatChat Dining will randomly pick a person for you to chat with and a restaurant where you can eat in!

Through HatChat Dining, you can even conveniently make reservations, navigate towards the restaurant with Google Maps or Uber, and surf online to view more information about the restaurant!

How I built it

I used Android Studio and open source projects in order to make this application. It uses Yelp to find the different cuisines. Also, trnql's Smart People makes finding nearby people with the same food interests easy. It uses an open source project for the Tinder like cards. Next, Uber and Google Maps help for directions and navigation toward restaurants. Finally, I use the phone's built in calling and SMS features to contact nearby users or restaurants.

Challenges I ran into

I ran into challenges about how to utilize Yelp's API without recreating Yelp.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Utilizing various developer kits into a cohesive application.

What I learned

What's next for HatChat Dining

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