The approach HubSpot takes with the new CMS is the biggest inspiration we take to create the Hatch theme. Flexibility and scalability are the two foundations of how we envision and develop the Hatch theme to be.

What it does

Hatch is more than a theme; it can serve as a foundation of a successful long-term HubSpot site. Packed with highly customizable modules and prebuilt templates, building new high-converting pages on HubSpot is no longer time-consuming.

Hatch is built 100% on HubSpot CMS, which supports all the features HubSpot has to offer. A/B testing, smart rules, multi-language pages, all supported out of the box.

What's in the box:

  • 40 unique templates to kickstart your project
  • 40 modules, each with hundreds of possible design combinations (using prebuilt style or customize your own).
  • Mega menu builder
  • Footer builder (custom rows and columns)
  • Theme settings: easily update brand colors, fonts, font sizes, logos, and spacing
  • Complete documentation

How I built it

The Utility-first approach is what makes Hatch scalable. We prioritize reusability to ensure the codes are clean and kept to the minimum, providing great page speed to help SEO.

Challenges I ran into

The only challenge is time. We know HubSpot themes development is time-consuming; building a long-term-focused theme takes a lot more time planning and executing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As a HubSpot agency, especially as a HubSpot marketplace provider, we're truly proud of the reviews and ratings our products received in the marketplace.

What I learned

There is always something new to learn in the world of HubSpot development. With the limited time provided, we had to find new ways to simplify the workflow and how the whole theme functions, and we did exactly that.

Lots of new development approaches and best practices are implemented in Hatch.

What's next for Hatch by GiantFocal

Hatch is the first step of a grand vision to help businesses build their site on a strong foundation that is future-proof. With careful planning from the start, we can expand and grow the theme continuously in the future.

Hatch will receive new updates, including new components/modules and templates, without any problem.

There will always be new technology coming up in the future, and HubSpot sure will also launch new features. We'll ensure the Hatch theme will be up to date and always be the front runner.

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